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Doctor recommendation in Manhattan or Brooklyn?

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  • Doctor recommendation in Manhattan or Brooklyn?

    Does anyone have a good doctor in Manhattan or Brooklyn? I have been to a few but still have not found one that I am really happy with or that understands this condition.


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    If you scroll to the top of this page and click on "Professionals" you will find lots of recommended professionals in your area.

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      Isa Herrera is in NYC and she is a top PT for people with IC and other pelvic problems. You might call their office and ask the name of some of the treating Drs in your area for IC. I am sure they know of quite a few, don't think they could recommend one of the other but at least they could give you some ideas of where to start.
      Link to the patient information, everything from What is IC? to Disability

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        Bump. Does anyone have any personal recommendations for urologists in NYC/Hoboken/Jersey City?


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          Dr. Robert Moldwin on Long Island is supposed to be one of the leading top IC docs.


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            Dr. moldwin

            Dr. Moldwin has been my urologist for 3 yrs. now very helpful has any one looked into mild acidosis as a cause behind IC, I have and have been alkalizing my body with veggies and wheat grass powder and cal. citrate with tremendous results. Any one with thoughts on this?


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              Re: Doctor recommendation in Manhattan or Brooklyn?

              wolfpack...did you ever find anyone in jersey city Hoboken area. doctors or PT ? I'm here as well


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                Re: Doctor recommendation in Manhattan or Brooklyn?

                I saw Dr. Kaufman in Manhattan. I think you can get an appointment through ZocDoc, but he's nearing retirement and has reduced hours. He is helpful, though I think his blunt manner turns a few people off.

                Dr. Kaufman suggested going to Beyond Basics for physical therapy, though I haven't tried there yet.
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                  Re: Doctor recommendation in Manhattan or Brooklyn?

                  Hi wolfpack
                  Thanks for suggestions. What do we have to do to find reputable, knowledgeable docs and PT's to get help with this miserable disease?...and we live in NYC area?
                  Geez. Went to Dr Kaufman a few weeks ago and don't mind is bedside manner...god knows I've seen much worse! He also recommended five point PT and the red flags went up right away with me. Told since I had only Medicare that each visit would be 184.00 and I would have to submit all paperwork after visits. I knew this meant Medicare wouldn't pay so I scratched them off list.
                  Moldwin is too far. In Hoboken.
                  Like the receptionist at liberty PT in jersey city and she said they take Medicare and visits are 21.00 out of pocket at time of visit and yes they do internal therapy. Have not gone yet though. Also asked for names of urologists that send them IC patients. Dr.Aha Shah (female) and a Dr. Jose Lesson. Both in jersey city NJ and close to transportation. Saw Dr shah on local TV and will try her out soon.
                  Most docs know so, so little about IC and I feel like we're pretty much our own researchers and advocates . have had this since 2012 after major surgery and in my case I think it was hospital infection via catheter and non-diagnosis for years that has me here. Very painful.pee 30x a day at least. Just started Elmiron 3x day and myrebetriq 2x a day.