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    Hello all!
    Maybe you can give me some treatment options to take with me when i go see my uro next week.I have been on rizmo 50 for 14 years.It is not helping me anymore.I have tried the Marcaine treatment with no help! I started getting a flare this past Oct and still have it.I'm on the ic diet also and thats not helping either.My uro only knows two treatments. The Marcaine and Rizmo 50....Then he has the Elmiron.I have tried to avoid Elmiron do to the side affects.I don't want any hair loss....This is my main concern.Has anyone taking Elmiron and had any of these side affects? Please i need some relief...If anyone has any surgestions it would be much appreciated.
    I'm hoping everyone is having a pain free day!!!
    Thank you all for your help!