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Living in pain in upstate Ny

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  • Living in pain in upstate Ny

    I'm nervous and in pain so please bare with me. I've had endometriosis since my teens. Multiple surgeries. In 2011 after a surgery I was diagnosed with IC. After my whole life being told I couldn't have a child I did. In 2013. But now I feel like I'm failing. I'm in pain every moment. Alot of times I don't want anyone to know. So I keep moving. Smile make jokes. But I have to walk away to take a deep breath. I cry at night. So that my daughter and husband aren't aware. I don't know anyone else with my issues. If your reading this. How do you deal with things daily? I hear women complain about having to clean cook and take care of kids all day. And in the back of my mind. All I can think is try being me. Every moment in pain and doing those things and working. I just would like to speak to someone who understands. Please tell me. How do you get through a day with out going insane?

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    Re: Living in pain in upstate Ny

    I sent you a private message. I know about the job, the fake smiles and the jokes...It is difficult to live faking to be normal. I found relief, I am from upstate NY, I wrote my story yesterday (july 5, 2015) and maybe I could help you in some ways.

    I hope you'll read this.


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      Re: Living in pain in upstate Ny

      I'm glad you found the IC Network --- I know you'll find a wealth of information and support here.

      We do understand!

      Warm hugs,
      Stay safe

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        Re: Living in pain in upstate Ny

        I am from upstate NY also! Nice meeting you!
        I was diagnosed with IC three years ago but the urologist considered it a mild case and just told me to manage it with diet. About three weeks ago I started having urinary burning, frequency, lower abdominal and back pain, and just general achiness in my bladder area. My PCP did a urine culture which came back negative, so today I saw my urologist and she says she doesn't think that my symptoms are caused by IC, my urine again came back negative, but yet she gave me some pills that turn your urine blue and are used for the symptoms of a UTI. I am so confused and just want to feel better, but when the doctor doesn't know what is wrong and just says here, take these pills, it is very frustrating. I had a bacterial infection called C-Diff during Jan and Feb, so she said maybe I have the bacteria in my bladder from having C-Diff, but it seems like that would show up in the urine culture. I don't know what to do now. I have only taken one of the pills she gave me so far so not sure if these are going to help or not. Has anyone else had C-Diff and then had urinary problems? Thanks for any advice you can give.