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    I just wanted to let anyone who live around Burlington NC know that I have finally found a urologist that is truly a godsend. Without going in to a long story I will just discuss the basis. Dr. Wolff and PA Shannon McGowan diagnosed me with ic in 2004. He put me on elmoron and I had terrible headaches from it and had to stop (remember I was only 21 at the time). I went back in with my mom petrified because at that time he told me if I could not take that then basically I was SOL! After that my mom said we were never going back there again and we found out about the famous dr ***. I saw him for the next 6 years and he implanted the inter stem for the first time in 07' I was the happiest girl in the world shortly after. I thought he was the best thing sense sliced bread. Yes he was pretty straight forward and he basically tell you what your next step was but he was always right. Until may of 2010. Dr. **** moved and it was now quite a drive for me but hey he was the best right? I was having constant flare ups and I went in for a visit he told me inter stem was not functioning properly and he wanted to take it out and put a new and improved one in so I said ok. Well I waited almost 4 hours in the hospital before be called for the surgery and no one could tell me why it took so long. I was so nervous. Apparently during the surgery was only supposed to be in twilight because he needed to see if he was getting nerve responses. I had some reaction to the med and he called to the waiting room to tell my Fiancé that he was going to have to stoptheprocedure because iwas swinging all around and being very difficult ( btw I havenorecollection of anything AT ALL) he told him he could not give me anything else to calm me down or would die on the table! He said he gave me enough Medicine to knock out a horse! Anyway he finished the surgery and when they woke me up I was screaming bloody murder I was in the worst pain of my life! When I got home and we looked at my site I was bruised all over my back side and down my legs. I developed a large hemotoma and it took me 2 months for it stop draining. He told me he would never do surgery on me again because I was not listening to him! I was completely out of it! So obviously I filed a report at the hospital and considered suing him but I was so traumatized I did not want to ever deal with it again. I had to find a new doctor so I decided to go back to Dr Wolffs office because it is like 3 min from my house until I found another doctor but to my surprise it was like he was a different person he was very compassionate and understanding. I also found out that patients only have 2 inter stem placements a life time. Fantastic it was like some one told me I was gonna die if this one ever messed up! I tried a different kind of installations. This is when I saw Shannon again I was so stressed about the news I had heard and also found out that no where in my medical records did dr **** say I had any complications with surgery! The installations were not helping and Shannon was there to listen when I broke down into tears she always gives me a big hug when I leave leave. This past Monday I had another hydro apparently my bladder is a lot worse and I have had excruciating pain but I went back to them Monday in so much pain I could hardly talk shannon gave me a scrip for dilaudid and b&o suppositories and was so supportive and sweet. If I ever need anything or need to just vent she is always there. The story that was supposed to be short was not! Bottom line these two dr are the best ever and everyone around this area needs to give them a try.
    Thanks for listening!
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    Confirmed IC in December 2004
    InterStem placement November 2007
    InterStem removed and replaced May 2011
    Fibromyalgia confirmed 2005
    PFD 2005
    Endemetriosis confirmed 2005

    Positive outlook confirmed 2007 immediately after my InterStem placement. I realized that the one day of "peace" that I prayed for EVERY day and night had been granted. If I can keep that moment of pure bliss stored in my memory I can get through anything!

    I know that I can fight this terrible situation I am in! I have to..... I have a 7 year old daughter who needs me and a soon to be husband that need me to be strong and optimistic. First and foremost I have to live my life the best way possible for myself. Things could always be worse. I have to remind myself that often but it is true!