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Love to hear from someone in ND with IC like me

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  • Love to hear from someone in ND with IC like me

    Would love to know if anyone else in ND is living with IC like me.
    First diagnosed June, 2014 by MD
    Confirmed diagnosis July, 2014 by specialist Uro.

    Current medications:
    Amitriptyline 150mg
    Omeprazole 40mg
    Hydrocodone 10/325 as needed (4x day)
    Pyridium 200mg as needed (4x day)
    Armour Thyroid 30mg
    Diagnosed with IC, Acid reflux and Hypothyroidism. I have mainly urethral burning and pain as well as vaginal pain. No history of bladder infections and did not experience any symptoms of IC until June, 2014 when I was diagnosed. On an elimination diet, found that I do not tolerate preservatives well. I do not eat any prepackaged food unless it is organic and made w/o preservatives.
    God Bless, Julie