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Anyone see Dr. Paul Church?

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  • Anyone see Dr. Paul Church?

    Anyone see Dr. Paul Church in Boston? I just made an appointment with him for next week and I'd love to hear if anyone else has/had him as a doctor, and what their experiences have been like. It has been SOOOO hard to find a good doctor in Boston! Several urologists I have called said that they would not see a patient with IC.

    If anyone has information about Dr. Church, please email me at [email protected]

    Thanks so much!

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    I just know Dr. Staskin and Dr. Bellin... I hope you find help with him (Dr. Church)


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      Arghhh, my father has also had a hard time finding a decent uro in beantown. His uro now is alright and is trying, but why these doctors do no research the disease if they are treeating it is beyond me. [img]rolleyes.gif[/img] Best of luck with Dr. Church. He was also suggested to me by another member of the board. If you have success I may just urge my dad to try him out.
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        I have a friend who uses him for her uro and she does have IC. She absolutely loves him.

        I'm kinda surprised that they actaully turn you away b/c of the IC!! Well I suppose its better you know up front, rather than have some doctor dilly-dallying with your innards!

        I too see Dr. David Staskina and Dr. Paula Bellin for all my Interstim needs and I see Dr. Susan Pursell for all the other IC needs. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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          I am glad you found a good urologist. But shame on those several others who dont want to see IC patients. One day they or one of there loved ones can be in ours shoes, they better think about that!!! Good Luck with this Dr.-JOJO


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            I'm the friend Yvette mentioned. I've been seeing Dr. Church since my IC symptoms started in 1999. He diagnosed me within 2 weeks (I had a hydrodistention done). I cannot say enough positive things about him. In brief, he's compassionate, thorough, helpful, kind, and above all accepts IC as an illness. He does not see IC patients exclusively; he's an all around uro. He sees men and women that have all kinds of bladder problems. As well as diagnosing prostate cancer and treating it. He's affiliated with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. His office is located at 319 Longwood Ave., Boston, MA (around the corner from the East campus of Beth Israel). Telephone # is 617-975-2321. I know he does have a busy practice, but you are not treated as just another ID number. Between cancellations and reschedulings his staff could work with you to find a mutually convenient date.

            As info Dr. David Staskin has relocated his practice to New York.

            Take care,


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              do you know when did Dr. Staskin
              moved and where is his practice?


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                I believe Dr. Staskin relocated this past summer. Go to the following link to search. His NY state physician profile is currently being updated. If you check back with that his contact info should become available.