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  • Fall Support Group Meeting

    We have two great meetings coming up for the Fall. The one scheduled for September will be, "IC & Disability," with Richard Bruin as speaker. He has been helping people get the benefits they so deserve and is very familiar with the disease. His wife has IC but she is fortunate that it is a mild case. Richard has helped several ICers through the process with positive results.

    For our October meeting, we will have a physician that will speak, who has IC herself and knows all too well the ravages of what it can do. She will tell her story of how she was able to get her IC symptoms under control. We are still in the process of setting this one up as far as maybe having another speaker, etc......

    Both these meetings will be very informative and certainly worth the time sharing with others, so I hope you can all attend!

    Date: September 28th
    Time: 1:00 - 3:00 pm
    Place: Kennedy Senior Center in Natick.

    The next meeting will be October 26th, same time and place.

    (PLEASE MAKE NOTE of both meetings. If you know of anyone that is not on my list that would like to attend, please pass this along and welcome them to the meetings.)

    If you need directions or more information, please feel free to call(508)655-4726 or preferably e-mail me; [email protected]

    If you need directions, I would be happy to e-mail them to you [img]smile.gif[/img]

    Hope everyone is doing well,

    "When it hurts to look back and your scared to look ahead, look beside you and your IC Friends will be there."

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    I wish I could be there for this meeting. Unfortunately the time has come for me to leave MA and be with my Non-IC Family in Rochester, NY.
    My Husband got a job in Syracuse, NY. I always wanted to have and raise my children near their great grandparents, grandparents, aunts, unlces, and cousins. Now, is that chance......

    You, my IC-Family especially my 2nd Mom, Molly,
    have been so wonderful to me. I love each and everyone of you. I pray good things to come for all of you this coming year!

    I will keep in touch and you can email me if you'd like to talk about bladder removal or anything else at [email protected]

    The following poem I found expresses my farewell:

    “You helped me laugh
    you dried my tears
    because of you
    i have no fears
    together we live
    together we grow
    teaching each other
    what we must know
    you came into my life
    and i was blessed
    i love you my IC friends
    you are the best
    release my hand
    and say good-bye
    please my friends
    don't you cry
    i promise you this
    it's not the end
    'cause like i said
    you're my IC friends”

    Original poem written by, Kt Neill


    Kara R <img src="graemlins/grouphug.gif" border="0" alt="[grouphug]" /> <img src="graemlins/angel.gif" border="0" alt="[angel]" />
    "Never take, I don't know how to help you as an answer."

    [email protected]



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      -----&gt; BUMP &lt;------
      Somewhere there's a reason /Why things go like they do /Somewhere there's a reason /Why some things just fall through /We don't always see them /For what they really are /But I know there's a reason /Just can't see it from this far /Maybe I don't like it, /But I have no choice /I know that somewhere, /Someone hears my voice / I thought I knew it all /I thought I had it made /How could it end this way? /I thought I knew Somewhere there's a reason /Why things don't go my way /Somewhere there's a reason /That I cannot explain /Just like the change of season, /Just may not be my turn /But I know there's a reason, /The lesson's mine to learn


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        check out meeting date for those interested [img]smile.gif[/img]