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Finally got some snow!

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  • Finally got some snow!

    Here it will be the first day of Spring tomorrow and yesterday we finally got some snow! Living in Vermont you would think we would have had our usual large amounts of snow, but only had two snows this winter with hardly any accumulation. It was really nice to see soome white stuff, even it is almost Spring!

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    Yep here in Mass we got some snow on Monday, a little today and amounted to not much of anything. I think it was Winter's last "hurrah" of snow before Spring comes! [img]wink.gif[/img]

    I agree I like a little snow now and then....and it was kinda nice to see the white stuff one more time.

    y. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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      It snowed here near Philly on St. Patrick's Day. My Mom has always said it snows on St. Patrick's Day (She's a Fitzpatrick) and this is the second one in three years! My poor daughter was sick during the only other snow. Today it's pouring rain but we need it I guess.


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        Right now we are getting zapped with more snow! As of now we have about 6" of very heavy wet snow on the ground and it is continuing to fall! They only predicted 3-5", so who knows what we will end up with?


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          I'm next door to you in New Hampshire, and we had about 10 inches of new snow on Wednesday, on top of the 3 inches from Monday. Like you, I was only expecting 4 or 5 inches. And of course the ground isn't frozen anymore so plowing our dirt driveway wasn't fun. My poor husband got the plow truck stuck at 6 this morning and I had to go pull him out. He'd just been saying yesterday that he hadn't been stuck yet since we moved into this house 6 years ago - guess he spoke too soon.

          The DJ on the radio this morning siad we're in a new hydrid season called Sprinter. The joys of living in New England! We're signing the paperwork today for a loan to build a garage. I've never had a garage before and am so looking forward to not having to clean off the car anymore!