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Philadelphia area urologists?

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  • Philadelphia area urologists?

    Hello Philly area folk,

    I currently live in Boston, but am moving to Philly in a month and would like to get a head start on finding a good uro. Anyone who has any experiences (good, bad, and ugly) with any Philly-area uros, please email me at [email protected] and let me know!

    Thanks so much,

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    Hi movnfwd55 -

    Thank you sooo much!!! That was really helpful. I have heard Dr. Mullholland's name somewhere- maybe here - I'm not sure. I will definitely check him out - he's close to where I'll be living.

    Thanks again for such a thoughtful response.



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      there are quite a few very well known in Philadelphia.
      Dr. Philip Hanno, at the U of Pennsylvania Hospital Urology center. I have been to him, I like him. He is striaghtfoward but understanding and listened to me very well. I think they see a lot of IC in that practice.

      Dr. Kristine Whitmore, at Graduate Hospital-- litterally down the street from me, but I chose not to go. I have heard that although she knows her stuff, shes a you-know-what, and being a medical person myself, I just dont think that I can be healed by someone so abrasive. Some girls on the board have been to her NP, also mixed results---I did go to see her accupuncturist, Dr. Shi, who is an MD and a doctor of oriental medicine, and although she was understanding and very good, I had better results with an accupuncturist up in Amherst, Massachusetts-- I moved here from there!!

      Both Dr.Whitmore and Dr. Hanno have Click on the September 2002 Urology link. I emailed them- they sent me a copy for free.

      There are a few others out in the Suburbs. I am starting with a new doctor, Dr. Aria, so I will let you know how that goes!!

      Good luck!!
      Welcome to the city of brotherly love!
      @[email protected]
      "Well the Secret O'Life is enjoying the passage of time." ~James Taylor


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        I saw Dr.Hanno about 18 years ago for a second opinion about cystectomy. He was very nice, understanding and supportive.