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Boston/Metrowest IC Support Group Meeting -Tomorrow!

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  • Boston/Metrowest IC Support Group Meeting -Tomorrow!

    Hello Everyone,

    Been very busy getting the meeting organized

    We have a surprise guest speaker on board!
    DR EMMANUEL FRIEDMAN, one of the most IC knowledgeable doctors in the Metrowest area!
    He will be there to answer many of our questions and talk about the various treatment options.
    We have door prizes and lots of refreshments!
    Most of all, a chance to be with our IC friends.

    THE MEETING TIME: 1:00 - 4:00
    Looking forward to seeing you all there

    Molly Glidden

    Boston/Metrowest IC Support Group Leader
    Meetings - Katherine Kennedy Senior Center
    Natick, MA 01760
    [email protected]
    Interstitial Cystitis/ non-profit support group

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    Wow that is great news that Dr. Friedman will be there tommorow. It will be good to see him again. I love him so much. He is so caring and compassionate. Long meeting tommorow? I will try to stay for the whole thing but don't know if I can. I will be there.
    Hang in there , There is hope.
    There is hope. Prayer works.

    Love, Debbie