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Our Fall Educational Meetings were a big success!

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  • Our Fall Educational Meetings were a big success!

    Hello Everyone,

    We had a wonderful turnout at both meetings but I must say our October meeting drew over 70 people from everywhere! The room was filled and when doctor Theoharides spoke,everyone listened! He is not only a marvelous speaker but a compassionate doctor as well! Even though he was a little late due to detours, he made up for it by answering ever question that was on the index cards and stayed to talk with everyone after.
    What a world we would have if every doctor could be that caring and concerned...
    It certainly was a meeting to end the year with!

    I want to write a special thanks to all my volunteers and there is one special lady that spends much of her time helping others here on the message baords. Her name is Debbie and she worked both of our meetings at the registration table. I knew she was not feeling well and yet she still helped.
    Thanks so very much for our special IC friends
    See you all in 2004
    Molly Glidden
    Boston-Metrowest IC Support Group
    We will see everyone at our January meeting and my wish for you all is to have wonderful and painfree holidays!

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    Hang in there , There is hope.
    There is hope. Prayer works.

    Love, Debbie