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Has anybody seen Dr. Kathleen Murphy?

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  • Has anybody seen Dr. Kathleen Murphy?

    Hi. I was diagnosed with ic by a uro-gynecologist last year. Recently, I went to Dr. Kathleen Murphy, she is questioning the diagnosis and wants to do more tests. I found out about her through this website but I don't know anybody who has used her services. Is there anybody who can let me know what they think of her medical expertise?

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    I have sen Dr. Murphy since 1992. To me she is a Godsend. If it wasn't for Dr. Murphy, God only knows where I would be.

    Dr. Murphy is very current with IC treatments and to me her bedside manner is that of an Angel. Although the wait to see her can seem forever (once in the waiting room)In my opinion she is well worth it.

    A few years back Dr. Murphy and I decided that since I had tried all options that were available to us for the treatment of IC, that perhaps BCG would be an option. After deep consideration, I bacame Dr. Murphy's first patient to undergo BCG treatments for IC. Today, because of the BCG, I can honestly say that I am 98% better. I urinate about 8 times day.

    Besides IC, I also suffer from severe complicated UTI's. Because of the UTI's I have nerve damage in my bladder and chronic vulvodynia. Dr. Murphy referred me to a pain clinic when she could no longer control my pain. One thing about Dr. Murphy is that she is open and will work with you.

    If you see her just tell her Diane Manhattan says hello.



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      Can you tell me where Dr. Murphy is located? I live in the Philadelphia area, so she may be too far for me to drive. I am looking for a good Urogynocologist. I have a Urologist, but need a gynocologist who understands the bladder, preferably IC. I would appreciate any recommendations.

      Thank you,


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        To Diane Manhattan, thank you for all the info concerning Dr. Murphy. I will be seeing her soon.

        To Kim,
        Dr. Murphy is a urologist,not a urogynecologist. I have seen Dr. Mark Mokrzycki at St. Peter's Hospital in New Brunswick and I regard him as a good doctor. You can take the train, hopefully. I wish you good health, I hope I have been hgelpful.


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          Kim, Dr. Whitmore at Graduate in Philly is a urologist specializing in IC. She has a partner, Dr. Lukban, who is a urogyeno and works with many many IC patients.


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            Thank you Patrice and Pitcher for your response to my question. I would love to see Dr. Whitmore, but unfortunately she is not in my insurance plan. I am seeing an IC specialist in urology at Penn, but need a good gynocologist who knows something about IC. I've had some bad experiences , so am now hoping to be able to go more directly to the right source. It really helps to hear from other IC patients on this board.

            Many thanks,


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              I hope you don't mind a private post but I was wondering who you see at Penn. I had a horrible horrible experience there. I saw Rovner at first and he was not helpful. He referred me to Hanno who gave me elavil and refused to give me Elmiron. I have a friend who goes to Whitmore and her work changed insurance and after some fighting, Whitmore accepted her insurance. She wants to change though because of all the fighting. I do like Lukban though and maybe if you talked to him you could work something out with them taking your insurance. Just a thought. Otherwise, I don't know where you live, but my old gyencologist in West Chester, Doctor Slavish was wonderfully sympathetic with my IC symptoms. She seemed to know more about IC than my first uros did. She's with a huge practice and is very popular though so it's hard to get appointments sometimes. She's not a urogynecologist but she is good, kind, and "IC Friendly."


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                I don't know how far you are willing to travel but there is a gyn near me (bethlehem) who has a regular gyn practice but has also started a Pelvic Pain Program at St Luke's Hospital. He has taken course, etc to learn about IC and askeds my urogyn to put him in touch with an IC patient because he wanted to get input from IC patient. My urogyn put him in touch with me and in fact I just had a meeting with him this AM. He will be leading an evening program a week from tomorrow on Chronic Pelvic Pain, if anyone wants to attend let me know and I will provide more info. this is a very exciting development for the Lehigh Valley. They even have a PT to do myofascial stuff.

                On another note, I had a very bad experience on many levels with one of the IC gurus mentioned in Philly plus the office and staff are really nasty. Just my opinion, but I won't name names on a public forum. If you want more info e-mail me priavately.