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Good docs in CT ?

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  • Good docs in CT ?

    Does anyone know of any good doctors around New Haven or even Hartford? I am moving to Meriden, CT but, I am willing to travel from there to see a good doc. I am going to be moving there soon and I take pain meds daily so when I get there I will need to find a good doc fast. I am so scared to be left in horrible pain. Thanks in advance for any help!


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    Dear Michele. In Hartford there is a Dr. Jill Peters who deals with IC. I see a Dr. Tarantinio also in Hartford and Glastonbury. I am newly diagnosed as of July and I am pleased with him for the most part. He told me if he has a patient that is a difficult case he will send to Dr. Peters. Good Luck Tammey


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      If you go to the IC Handbook Page, there will be a link " Locating Physicians in the U.S." I am in lower Fairfield County, and one of the physicians mentioned is in New London. He specializes in IC. From Meriden, it would be a 30-45 min. ride. For me, it's almost 90 minutes. There is also a support group run out of New London. liz