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  • uro in NJ?

    Hey everyone,

    I live in Barnegat, NJ. Does anyone know of a good uro in NJ? I like my dr. but i think i definitley need to find more of a specialist in case my IC gets worse.

    Am I allowed to ask this. I don't know all the rules yet.

    [email protected]

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    The only time it's not okay to mention a physician's name is if the post is saying something bad about the physician.

    If you go to the pull-down "Browse Our Site" menu at the top of this page, you will find IC Physician Listings, where there is a list of physicians who have been recommended by other IC patients.

    Good luck!
    Stay safe

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      Thanks Donna!

      I checked it out and it turns out that I'm going to see one of the docs on the list in Pa. Now I'm excited!! -Erin hi
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        I really liked Dr. Mark Mocryzki.

        He is at St. Peters University Hospital, the CARES building, divison of urogyn. THis is in New Brunswick, NJ. Great guy!!
        He diagnosed me. And I felt like he really listened. His NP's are great for annual gyn and phone call follow ups too.

        Hope this helps!!
        @[email protected]
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          I saw his partner at St. Peter's and was very dissatisfied. I went to him because of his specialty - UROGYN. He told me I did not have vulvodynia which would be wonderful if I did not but did not have an answer to where all this pain is coming from. I have been to GYN's since and was told I definetly have it and it's pretty obvious. Beware.


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            Thanks Ginny I will. Have you found someone you trust and like?
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              I never found a UROGYN. I see a Urologist in Westfield but he really does not know what to do for me. Sorry