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North of Boston meeting in June?

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  • North of Boston meeting in June?

    I'm going to be visiting my sister-in-law, living in Beverly,MA, the second week of June. I'd love to drop in on an ic support group meeting. Is there anything scheduled north of Boston? Going on vacation now that ic has hit isn't quite the same, while most people are sunning themselves on the shore, I'm searching for an is meeting scream !

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    Hi Charlotte!
    There is no planned support group per se. But if you wanted to get together with another ICer when you visit, I could come meet you in Beverly. I am familiar with the area as I used to live and work in Bev. Just a thought....

    Or perhaps I could round up a few of the local IC girls

    PM me if you want and let me know!
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      Hi Char, no meetings that I see so far and the metro-west meetings in Natick is off for the summer. Our next meeting is in Sept. That won't be any help to you. I hope you have a nice vacation with your sister. Hang in there. There's hope.
      Hang in there , There is hope.
      There is hope. Prayer works.

      Love, Debbie


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        Welp my Uro office has support group meetings the 2nd tues of every month in Bangor Maine...

        Prolly further than you'd wanna travel, though...

        Have fun!
        ~*Miss Morgie*~