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  • Earthquake!

    Did anyone feel the earthquake this past Sat.? It occurred around 6:45 AM and of course I was peeing when it hit,LOL! Here I was sitting on the toilet and it started to shake along with the rest of my house. Very scary! One of our pictures on the wall was all cockeyed after it and bottles on my son's desk were jumping around though none fell off.My poor little puppy did not like it at all.

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    I did, I live across the lake in Chazy, NY. I thought a dump truck was driving thru my house. The sound, that was the scary part. I will never forget the rumble. I work with a woman who's house was .5 miles from the epicenter- her house fondation caved in, cracks in all her walls, dishes all broke, and her insurance won't cover it. Can you imagine? I have tons of stuff on shelves and nothing fell.
    I was sleeping at the time, but I sure did have to use the bathroom after that!
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