The website that lists the Naturopaths in MA is as follows:

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They practice in Cambridge, Shutesbury, Roslindaale, Marlborough (The one I am seeing, she is GREAT!!), Somerville, Danvers, Salem, South Dennis, Marblehead, Leominster, Dover, Northboro, Sterling, Northampton, Needham, Arlington Heights, Westford, Boxborough, Mashpee, Newbury, Newtonville, Billerica, North Leverrett, and Amherst.

If you need their telephone and phone numbers in case you have trouble navigation that site, I would be happy to email you the copy that I have that lists their names and numbers. [email protected]

I'm currently seeing a NAET specialist . The
Theory is that we have IC because we are allergic to something. They eliminate and treat you for the allergy so you won't have it anymore. I've tried 48 different medications for my IC and have had 15 surgeries including the Interstim, and I'm currently looking to have my bladder removed or diverted. So this treatment called Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Treatment or NAET is my last resort, I have nothing to lose at this point. My parents have travled from Rochester NY to where I currently live in Marlborough, MA. My mother wanted me to try this allergy thing before I get my bladder removed. They are paying for me to do this since it's not covered by insurnace.
They put viles of fluids in your hand and test for muscle rigidity. They have thousands of things they can test on you in these viles. She did 5 with me and I was allergic to one. They don't tell you which fluid they are using on you. I went though 5 viles and took a break. The 6th vile she put into my hand felt hot and it felt like it was getting fatter and fatter like it would explode. I got really upset. I was crying and I said, is the vile bigger than all of the rest you tried on me? She said no, and showed it to me. She stopped for a few minutes and we were quiet. I aksed her what she put into my hand and she told me that it was BLADDER TISSUE!!!!!!!!!!
I'm allergic to my own bladder, not suprisng huh?

Anyway, I am going to give her a try. I'm going for 6 treatments, the last one will be the bladder treatment. The treatments involve acupuncute. My mother is coming back to MA for that one.

I am a real sceptic to Eastern Medicine but the Western Medicine is not helping me, so I am turning to something else before we remove this bladder.

I'll let you all know what happens.

Kara in MA