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    hi Well here in Philadelphia its 11 degrees and weve got near a foot....and they say it isnt stopping yet!! I suppose it gives me time to catch up on work but really it just makes me feel closed in and cabin fever-ish. And kinda achey. Anyone else feel this way?? IM SOOO READY FOR SUNSHINE AND SWIMMING POOLS!!!!! banghead cussing

    Hugs to all my northeastern-ers.....hang in there....March is coming....
    grouphug Rachel kissing
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    "Well the Secret O'Life is enjoying the passage of time." ~James Taylor

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    Here in DC we've already had about 17". I've already shovelled the driveway and sidewalk twice.
    More snow to come!


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      Yes, the snow is really coming down. New Jersey is in a state of emergency, and my supervisor called me tonight advising that the college is closed tomorrow. I wonder how long it will last?

      Everyone stay warm, snuggle up on your couch, and watch some good videos! Gail


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        My best friend(the mother of my precious one-yr-old godson) lives in the DC area----Vienna. I talked to her today and she said you guys are still expecting more snow. Stay bundled up---I'll be praying you don't have any treacherous road conditions! Keep us updated. I must admit, here in Dallas we kinda wish we could get just a little bit of that white stuff!
        If you have time to worry, you have time to pray!


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          I woke up to this storm this morning. banghead I did not hear anything yesterday about a storm coming. Did any of you? Yes, I am tired of this cold stuck inside weather too. Where or where is the sun and warmth gone too? :cool:


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            Hey Gals:

            I live northwest of Baltimore and we got about 2+ feet of snow. I remember the big snow we were hit with in 1996, so I've shoveled out my car three times and have to do it one more time. I was out there at 11:00 p.m. last night digging out and didn't stop until 1:00 a.m. My arms are mush!!! Thank Heavens for the ergonomically correct shovel I have. My back doesn't hurt one bit!

            Stay cool :cool: >Tina
            What you are is God's gift to you...What you make of yourself is your gift to God.


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              Merry knitter - where do you live? I know that here in DC they have talked about the storm since last Monday. Of course it had all its variables and the exact type of storm was iffy until the last minute.
              Anyway, I shoveled my drive way 3 times, sidewalks twice (still snow on them), and I'm bushed. My spouse is in Chicago and can't get back in. This was my weekend time to get my house organized and clean (I started working last week so now the house stuff is for the weekends). Oh well, house is still a mess - driveway is lovely, and I'm going to hit the couch now with the tv remote control. lmao


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                Hi havehope,
                I live near the PA border. Normally they mention a big storm and I get things all set because I'm out in the country. So, I have to fill things for water. All the other times all we had were a few inches of snow. Nothing big. The one time they don't say anything we're covered. It was up to my ankles this morning and know up to my knees. Have had to shovel the sidewalk twice so far. Isn't winter so much fun? :p Plus how many of you go out to shovel and your bladder starts yelling for the bathroom? This after getting everything put on to go outside. lmao


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                  I've shoveled my sidewalk twice, but then gave up after last night's dump on it. I guess tomorrow I'll try and tackle that again. Well, the spouse had to fly into Richmond and drive his way back up to No. Va. He made it into our driveway no probs. but commented on how the house wasn't clean. Too bad, I say! lmao I was itchy for a big snow, but now Spring can come on. It will probably be spring before all my snow melts anyway. Keep shoveling!!!


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                    Boy, do I feel for you guys! My best friend is going out to wv to visit relatives there this weekend-hope it lets up soon for her (and all of you!)

                    "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on" -Franklin D. Roosevelt


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                      scream ACCCCKKKKKK!

                      The town I live in decided to take the entire streets snow and plow a snowbank right at the corner of my driveway...... lmao They practically covered the TALL sign that says "do not block driveway" can we all read!?!?! LOL Just what my back, pelvis and bladder needs--more snow to shovel than anyone else.

                      oh well 5 more weeks til Spring! wink
                      Somewhere there's a reason /Why things go like they do /Somewhere there's a reason /Why some things just fall through /We don't always see them /For what they really are /But I know there's a reason /Just can't see it from this far /Maybe I don't like it, /But I have no choice /I know that somewhere, /Someone hears my voice / I thought I knew it all /I thought I had it made /How could it end this way? /I thought I knew Somewhere there's a reason /Why things don't go my way /Somewhere there's a reason /That I cannot explain /Just like the change of season, /Just may not be my turn /But I know there's a reason, /The lesson's mine to learn


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                        Merry Knitter~What do I do when my bladder starts yelling while I'm shoveling?

                        I make yellow snow lmao >Tina
                        What you are is God's gift to you...What you make of yourself is your gift to God.


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                          Spare your back. ANd your pelvic floor. Lift with your legs or dont lift at all-- shoveling can be dangerous, with or without IC!! They say dont do it after a large meal, and dont hold your breath to lift heavy loads, (known as the valsalva manuever) BREATHE!!!

                          Tina Nacho--- HAHAHHAHAHA.....I will make sure I dont eat any yellow snow!!!! But go ahead, make all you want!!
                          Thanks for the laugh....

                          digging out...
                          @[email protected]
                          "Well the Secret O'Life is enjoying the passage of time." ~James Taylor


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                            Okay, the big snow hit Sunday/'s now Thursday and my child still isn't back in school. It's time!!!!! scream


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                              I can't even begin to imagine how hard it is to live in the condition that some of you are living in right now.....BUT, tell the truth?? Is it as beautiful as I imagine? To me it is one of natures most beautiful works of art with ice storms being #1.

                              NO, I'm NOT wacked! And, I'm not talking about how your lives have been completely put on hold while your backs are breaking. But, PLEASE, someone tell me how beautiful it least the parts where no one is peeing in the snow wink

                              I remember when we got blasted in 1973. There was a neighbor who had a snowmobile and he would go from house to house asking people if there was anything they needed and he would make it to the party store and get it.....he did this every day for the almost 2 weeks we were snowed in but I LOVED it. To me it feels like a big furry white blanket surrounding my body and keeping me safe from the world.......ok, so maybe I'm a little wacked but I still think it's one of natures greatest works......

                              call me duhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~
                              Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".