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  • NY Doctors with Antibiotic Therapy

    Does anyone know of a doctor in NYC or LI or NJ or nearby area,

    either urologist, gynecologist, or infectious diseases,

    who is willing to work with Dr. Paul Fugazzotto's antibiotic results for long-term antibiotic therapy, if necessary?

    I live in NYC.

    Thank you.

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    Hey there...

    I have no idea about your particular therapy plan -- but Dr. David Kaufman is known to be about the best uros in town. Perhaps you could call his office and see if he does or would comply with your current treatment.

    By the way, I'm from NYC too. Do you go to any of the support groups? How long have you had IC for?

    I'd love to make a new IC friend in the same city. That's almost an impossibility these days. Interested?

    [email protected]


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      I've had burning for some time, but not frequency.

      I've had urinalyses and urine cultures at my Internist and my Gynecologist, but they've come back negative.

      I haven't been diagnosed formally yet with IC, but I've had my urine analyzed by Fairfax Medical Labs in Virginia, and it came back with some bacteria, which is why I'm looking for a doctor who is interested in treating with long-term antibiotic therapy, if it's necessary. My regular doctors don't want to do it.

      I haven't attended any of the NYC support group meetings yet;

      But if you're interested in joining the support group, you can send an email to Nancy Richardson at [email protected], or you can call her at (212) 604 - 0637.

      She runs support groups meetings in Manhattan on the third Thursday of every other month.

      The remaining schedule for 2003 is July 17th, September 18th, and November 20th.