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Anyone in DC area?

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  • Anyone in DC area?

    I live in Rockville, Maryland and am interested in talking to people with IC who live in the Washington, DC area. We can share new ideas and help each other out. Please reply.

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    Hi there,
    There are a few of us floating around in the VA, MD, DC area. We ought to get a little group going. Maybe we can go out to dinner?......gee interesting bunch of food the lot of us order <img src="graemlins/lmao.gif" border="0" alt="[lmao]" /> .....four salads, no onions, tomatoes, or dressing.....thank you! Oh, and four bottles of your best water (no cheap house water for us). We really ought to get a group going though. Maybe more will reply.


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      I am from Hanover, Pa which is the south central Pennsylvania and isn't too far from where you are. As a matter of fact my husband works in Baltimore, Maryland and is an Engineer with Amtrak and his train goes to DC.
      Start each day with a smile and you'll be surprised how far that smile will go.
      Others will see it, start smiling themselves,and then pass it on to the people they meet.
      Before you know it, the whole world will be smiling!