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  • Long Island, New York

    I would like to speak with some folks with IC from Long Island. I'm looking for a referral to a urologist near me. Any help out there??


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    Hi,I am from Long Island,Lake Ronkonkoma to be exact....I go to Dr.Schoor in Smithtown I just started going to him last month.I use to go to Dr.Yu in west islip but he retired and I wasn't happy with the doc that replaced him.I have also seen Dr.Moldwin he is head of urology for LIJ.So where are you from?


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      Dr. in NYC

      I was going to Dr. Moldwin in New Hyde Park for months and then he suddenly stopped taking insurance.
      I then switched over to Dr. Kaufman in Manhattan. He has a website - Central Park Urology- I liked him very much. He couldnt really help me either because I have nephrogenic adenoma on top of I.C. But he was very I.C. knowledgeable and very compassionate. It's worth the trip to the city.
      Good luck


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        I had an appointment with Dr.Kauffman for April 22nd that I just had to cancel and reschedule,but I am really looking forward to meeting him and seeing if he can help me..........


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          Dr's in Long Island

          It was nice to hear that you had a good experience with Dr. Kauffman in NYC.
          I do go to Dr. Moldwin but I feel he is great but the office is overwhelmed a bit. I have been in search of someone closer also. I live in Yonkers NY.
          If I do hear of anyone in Long Island I will post for you.

          Good Luck.
          sending lots of happy thoughts your way.