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Anyone see Dr. Hanno or Dr. Whitmore?

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  • Anyone see Dr. Hanno or Dr. Whitmore?


    My current urogynecologist has recommended that I see an IC specialist because none of the treatments we've tried have helped and they don't know what else to try. I'm so down right now. The two that would be closest are in Philadelphia: Dr. Hanno at UPenn and Dr. Whitmore. Would any of you be willing to recommend one over the other? I've read some concerning review online about both and really am kind of scared to proceed. If you would rather send me a private message that would be great too. The other doctor that comes up with very positive reviews is Dr. Echenberg in Bethlehem. He is farther away for me, but if he is really that good I would consider his office too. Thanks for any tips you can give!

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    Both have good reputations in the IC community. I'm not sure which I would choose if I lived closer than Oregon! I think probably I would go first to the one closest to my home. Anyone else?

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      Zilla i would reccomend dr whitmore, her office staff has something o be desired but once you get beyond (OR USE TO) that everyone in the office is very helpful and understanding. Dr Whitmore is very much to the point but isnt that what we pay for. Good luck if you want to know more private message me


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        I have scheduled an appointment with Dr. Hanno on 10/15/2013. I have heard he is "clinical". It doesn't sound like bedside manner is a strength of either physician, but, as mentioned, we are there for expertise. I must remember to come back to this thread and post my experience in the hope of helping others.


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          Re: Anyone see Dr. Hanno or Dr. Whitmore?

          Sorry this is late, but just wanted to chime in for anyone else looking in the Philly area these days thinking about going to PM.

          I saw Dr. Hanno months ago. He is certainly clinical, but many doctors in his demographic are. PA docs aren't well known for their manners, and older experienced docs are in my experience just looking to run a quick and clean operation.

          Very knowledgeable about I.C. (to a point) but not at all empathetic. He basically educates you, gives you papers about IC, offers suggestions, and beyond that is just a general contact. He will likely encourage you to work with your PCP and offload any outside referrals to them.

          His staff are really rushed and they don't spend time trying to get to know you. You may feel like a medical records number there. I've had several experiences on the phone with them that have been very unproductive. Not the worst I've ever been through...but definitely not sensitive to the frustrations of chronic illness. I felt "talked down" to much the way I felt going to the ER in the past, and like I'm talking to people who don't have time to listen to what I'm saying.

          That being said, if you want a prompt and reliable doctor who knows I.C. to just do something general for diagnosis/treatment, or you need an expert on the topic to put your mind at ease, he is the man to talk to. He did not push a cystoscopy on me, and he told me the pros and cons of different pill options like Elavil, which I truly appreciated (my last urologist said I had no other option and was going to force me onto Elmiron, for comparison).
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            Re: Anyone see Dr. Hanno or Dr. Whitmore?

            I saw Dr. Hanno one time in late 2013. Main motive for seeing him was to gain access to a pelvic floor PT. Your observations are right on the money! A "cold fish", and the young Asian man who checked me in was rude and gruff! He told me to take tums for flares! Since my pelvic pain is based on tight yet weak muscles, trigger points, etc. that did not help. I've been through two PTs and trying my luck with a chiropractor. All that's been accomplished is to show I have muscle/trigger point-based pelvic pain. My spouse has been on a health journey the last year or so (not in the pelvic floor area) and I will conclude by saying we encountered some absolutely angelic, compassionate and caring physicians at the Philadelphia hospitals we went to (Temple and Fox Chase).