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IC support group in Missouri

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  • IC support group in Missouri

    I came across an IC support group in Columbia, Mo.
    It meets at University Hospital on 5/18 at 10am in the GL11 room. I plan to check the group out on the 18th, if anyone living near the columbia area, should would like to see you there.

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    I live in St. Louis, is there going to be anymore meetings? I would definetly make the drive if there is. If you can give me anymore information I would greatly apprecitate it. Thanks [img]smile.gif[/img]


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      hi i live in farmington mo its about 70 miles s. of st louise-mail me some time love to meet new ic friends and we'll go to the groups [email protected]
      dx'd i.c in 96,too many treatments and meds to remember before badder removed in 2000.pain returned..has since been on roller coster of narcs ad other things..3 suicial att..went into hosp to withdrawl from sooo many narcs and wt. got down to 85lbs....came out eating small amounts ad keeping them down..the only pain med was ultram 50mg q 6 hrs..and gabapintien sorry..can spell..600 mg q 6 2003..nowin 2006-ive had mesh pulled from myvaginal walls 3 timesso pain is severe again but also in rectum now..had to add hydro/app q 4 hrs.!!!but i still pray there is hope..i just need o find it.


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        Looking for "Michelle" in Kansas City. E-mail me at [email protected]