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anyone in chicago?

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  • anyone in chicago?

    hi all mid westerners. i'm from indiana but go to chicago for treatment for my ic. i currently go to dr schaeffer at northwestern. i do like him bu was wondering if anyone had a better dr? thanks
    by the way i am fairly new to the ic mb but have had ic for 16 years plus. i got on the mb once in awhile but not much response.

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    I go to a Dr. Sand at the Evanston Incontenence Center. He currently has 200 IC patients. He is wonderful.

    I've only had one appointment with him, but in my six years I have never been to a doctor more undestanding, knowledgable and patient. And he's a Urogynecologist to boot.

    He's marvelous.

    If you're interested, send me a private message and I'll give you his info. [img]smile.gif[/img]



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      hi krissy,
      thanks for the reply. i am interested.
      my e-mail is [email protected] have you heard
      of dr schaeffer? what kind of rep does he have?
      just curious.


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        I haven't heard of that doctor. But I'm not an expert or anything. I've been kind of floating out in HMO urologist hinterlands for six years. I stumbled onto Dr. Sand purely through luck alone.



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          Hi cas-welcome! I am from Indiana too. I was seeing a doctor at Childrens Memorial Hospital but I go to Northwestern too-Dr. Quentin Clemens. Where in Indiana are you? Feel free to write me anytime!
          [email protected]

          "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on" -Franklin D. Roosevelt


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            Re: anyone in chicago?

            Hi guys..... Did any of these Des help u??? Please help


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              Re: anyone in chicago?

              Hi guys I am from Chicago and I am looking for some help.. I am misrable.. What dr has helped you guys??


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                Re: anyone in chicago?

                Jen_cole Sorry haven’t checked the forum much lately .did I reply to you? Im sorry my memory is from terre haute
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