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    Hi all you in Michigan we live in a small town called Caro it's near Saginaw and Bay City.My son who is 21 has had Ic for 6yrs now he has had over 10 different surgeries had an Interstim.Taken countless meds all to no avail his pain is so bad he is now on social security disability.His URO wants to take his bladder out but we haven't heard good things about that.He goes to a pain clinic in Bay City they have him on methadone not good.He can barely funtion he has to lie down most of the time.He's married but his wife incists that he clean house cook do laundry and etc. no matter how he feels, cause she works two days a week.Can't get her to understand that when he over does things it makes his pain worse.Wish we could find something other than pain meds to help him.If anyone knows of any new treaments please let us know. Thanks

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    Hi Mom hi
    I too am in michigan but much closer to the detriot border. I can relate to how your son feel regaurding his wife wanting house/laundry/dinner taken care of. My husband sure was on the top of my s**T list for a very long time. I ended up scheduling my dr appts on his days off and took him with me.... needles to say after 3 years he got the point that I really can't do it all in a day..... Now he dose the laundry and I try to keep things up if it gets done great if it don't.. well don't look at it.....
    I am on ssd, for IC and sacrallitss, then came arthritis, fibromyalgia, IBS, myofascial pain syndrom. I had the interstim put in 4/2 was my trail and the implant was 4/16. for pain I take darvocet, bextra (yes it helps ic), flexeril, and for rest ambien. I am so sure that all the other girls and guys will be sharing with you to. my email is [email protected] feel free to email me anytime.
    'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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      Hi Mom, I am so sorry that your son has ic and it is verydiffucult to understand unless you have it. I know that if my Mom was alive today, she would be right there with me comforting me and taking care of me and sticking up for me. Your son has a wonderful Mom. I am on neurotin, elvial, atrax for my ic and percoet for the pain. I am also on cipro for a uti and going to be on that for awhile.I get rid of one uti and I get another one. Please keep posting and have your son post too and he will be proably feel better about himsself. There is alot of help and support here on the boards. Gentle hugs and healing. Email me anytime at [email protected] Hang in there .There's hope.
      Hang in there , There is hope.
      There is hope. Prayer works.

      Love, Debbie