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    I'm new to this message board. Is anyone out there from Arkansas? If so, I would like to hear any good and bad feedback about any doctors you have gone to. I was diagnosed with IC about a year and a half ago. I have had 2 different urologists. My current urologist is very nice, but I have tried many different meds, and am still having lots of pain.

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    Hi Aleah,

    I'm sorry you've been diagnosed with IC but it is cool to see another Arkansan on the boards. It doesn't seem like there are very many of us from Arkansas.

    As far as Dr's., mine has been wonderful...his name is Dr. Brizzolara and he's in Little Rock. Dr. Brizzolara is a very sweet man and seems very IC knowledgeable. He spends as much time as needed answering questions and so forth and he's also very open to trying different things. Right now, he has me on Elmiron, Vioxx and Imipramine with DMSO treatments as needed. So far, this treatment regime seems to be working pretty well for me but I always know when it's time for another round of DMSO. Speaking of, I'm about to start another round next week.

    I do hope that you find the right Dr. for you and that you find the right combination of meds. to provide you some relief. Take care!


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      Wow, I have finally talked to someone in Arkansas that has and knows what IC is. Don't you feel all alone sometimes, because nobody really understands how bad you feel? I have heard of Dr. Brizzolara. In fact, my Dr. is in the same building in Little Rock. Right now I am on elmiron, atarax, ditropan XL, and elavil, but like I said before, I still have a lot of pain. How have you tolerated the DMSO treatments? I have read so many bad things about it, that I don't think I would want to try it. My urologist has not suggested it yet, but it seems like we are running out of things to try. I tried vioxx, and it didn't help at all.



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        Aleah, I am so familiar with that "alone" feeling. People just do not get what IC is all about, nor can they understand it. I guess one thing that has helped me is just finding this message board, the people and the bountiful amount of information that these people have provided. I have learned so much about IC from these individuals....things I, probably, wouldn't have known otherwise. These people actually understand what it's all about and know what your life is like dealing with discomfort day in and day out.

        My first Uro. wasn't very IC knowledgeable at all. I think the only IC treatment that he was really familiar with, was DMSO. Luckily for me, DMSO helped. Yes, the first round of treatments were incredibly painful, but since.. they've gotten much easier. I think Dr. Brizzolara just continued me with the DMSO treatments, along with my other meds., because I've shown definite improvement with it. Yes, it's a little scary doing the treatments, because I've heard some things as well....but honestly, they help me soooo much that I guess I'm willing to take the chance. I don't like living with any more pain or discomfort than I have to.

        I really hope that you can find something to help with your pain. I know how discouraging it is, looking for that right med., trying each and every one in such high hopes. Hoping better days are ahead.