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    I live in Southeastern WI (West Bend) and have had IC for three years. During that time I have never met or talked with anyone else who has the condition. I'm a pretty upbeat person but it does get lonely and I would very much like to find someone in Wisconsin or Illinois who would be interested in talking by phone as I find these boards rather impersonal. Anyone interested???

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    Hi! It seems there are so many of us on this network, yet I never meet actually meet anyone with IC.

    Feel free to e-mail me anytime at:

    [email protected]


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      I am in michigan, as impersoanl as it may seem, its really not impersonal at all. I feel as tho that you all are as close to me as if you lived next door. grouphug I have no clue what I would have done with out this wonderful family kissing you have pulled me up when I was down, made me laugh when I wanted to cry. I just hope that I can give you all the emotional support that you have always given to me grouphug Thank you for being there for me alwalys........whether you live a few miles away or a few thousand miles away you all are very close to me in thoughts, prayers, and, in my heart
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        Hi SSEllen!

        I live in Racine (tho I have to confess I'm not sure where West Bend is. Feel free to e-mail me
        any time ([email protected])



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          Hey Brat, I am with you, I do not think these boards are impersonal at all, I feel like all the gals are my family and it certainly has been a godsend to me, whether I am down or up, I come to the IC family and there is always a wonderful feeling of friendship between us all even if we do live miles and miles away from each, and a wonderful feeling of support. I feel and know that I can be open and honest about how I feel and get a wonderful sense of compassion and companionship amongst us. Thank you to the wonderful gals with IC that I can call my family, Iris kissing grouphug grouphug
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            Hi SSEllen, and others,

            SSEllen, feel free to email, I have a pretty freee schedule so I'd love to "have coffee" with anyone sometime, thoguh I too, dont know where WestBend is, I'm from NY, so I dont know where much is But I agree with the others, that these message boards have made me feel like I am not alone, though I do agree that IC can be a lonely disease since it can be so debilating at times.


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              SS Ellen,

              My e-mail address has just changed, just in case you wanted to write. It's now:

              [email protected]

              I hope you are well!

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                I live up in Minocqua, WI. Feel free to PM me...I agree, I don't feel to impersonal here.

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