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Dr. in SoutherN IL or St. Louis

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  • Dr. in SoutherN IL or St. Louis

    I live in Southern Il. 300 miles from Chicago. I am only about 70 miles from St. Louis. Does anyone know of a uro. or urogyn. that deals with this in my area?

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    Hi! I am brand new to this site just this evening. It sounds like you aren't too far from me. My doctor is in Centralia, IL. Are we allowed to give out doctor's names on here? I'd like to help if I can. He has a really great PA too.


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      The only time it's not okay to post a physician's name is if the post is negative.

      It's fine to recommend a physician by name.

      Stay safe

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        His name is Dr. Edward Stanford in Centralia, IL. He is an ob-gyn and a urosurgeon. He has a wonderful supporting staff. It took awhile to get a diagnosis because I didn't have all the expected symptoms but I think I'm on the right track now, I just have a lot to learn about IC.


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          I found a Uro. and a neighboring town and an OB/GYN about an hour away that listen to what I say and I make sure that each knows what the other is doing and believes is going on.


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            Hi! I know some of us have had bad experiences with doctors. However, since the negative experience is often a matter of personal opinion please refrain from posting the doctor's name.

            Thank you and best wishes for you to find a doctor that you feel fits your health care needs.



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              Hey tla7 are you still out there. I live in southern IL too and I'd love to hear more about your doctor and anything else you've found helpful around here.