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Finally changed Doctor!!!

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  • Finally changed Doctor!!!

    I finally made an appointment with a new doctor with the University Urologists of Indiana. The doctors name is Dr. Hsiao. This doctor took over from a very good IC doc that has retired. I was so tired of my doctor just sluffing me off at appointments like she was too busy!!! Hopefully this one will work out. Has anyone been to him before. Here are his credentials:

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    i posted a reply in another thread. i go there too but to a different doctor.good luck!


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      Thanks again Courtney. I replied from the other post.


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        I'm so glad you found a new uro. I was wondering who would take over for Dr. Mosbaugh.

        We have a new uro in Muncie. My hubby has a kidney stone. He always has complications and this new uro was on call over the weekend when we needed him. He is who my hubby now sees. He's absolutely excellent. Very compassionate and knowledgeable. I did some research and found he's one of the leading experts on kidney stones, which is good news for my hubby for sure!

        I don't know, yet, what he knows about IC, but I do know that he keeps up to date with everythign else and even presents studies to the other urologists at conferences. If anyone is looking in this area, I would recommend Dr. Kim probably as much as Dr. Ulrich, who I see and REALLY like. Both are compassionate, caring doctors who work with you when you need help.
        ~ Stacey


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          Hi Stacey,

          Ya I think that this doctor did take over for Dr. Mosbaugh. He specializes in womans voiding disorders. I hope he is good!! I'm glad you have a good uro. Your Dr. Ulrich is in Muncie too right? I find that a little far to travel, but I will do what I have to in the end to get the care I need one step at a time. Do you still meet at the church monthly? I really should try and attend. I get lazy in the evenings after work especially if I'm flaring badly which I have been on and off (mostly on) for the last year.



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            Hi, Di.

            Yes, Dr. Ulrich is in Muncie. I am, too, so it's easy for me!

            We are still meeting at the church for a chronic pain support group/Bible study. We were supposed to meet tonight, but due to weather and other factors, the meeting is canceled. Our next meeting is April 5. We meet the first Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. at Muncie First Church of the Nazarene. We would love to have you join us!
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            ~ Stacey