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Looking for new dr in Ann Arbor, MI area

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  • trumpet
    Dona, I live in Ann Arbor and I see Dr. Solomon at
    Huron Valley Associates. The phone number is
    734-712-8100. The nurses extension is 8131.
    His office is in the St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital Complex.

    I've always been very happy with the treatment I've
    received there, & Dr. Solomon is very knowledgable
    about IC. He will not hesitate to take the time to
    listen to your symptoms, and will always explain and
    answer any questions you might have.

    If you would like any other info, please don't hesitate
    to contact me.


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  • sami4

    Two that have done IC research and published a lot on the subject are:
    Dr. Ken Peters at Beaumont Hosp. in Royal Oak, Mi. and Dr. Matt Rosenberg in Jackson, Michigan at Mid Mich Health Center 517-784-9189. I read about Dr. Rosenberg on this board under he was a guest lecturer and they had a 2006 transcript about him in the 2002 IC online group. If you cant find this email Jill and ask her how to find it.

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  • tigger_gal
    Call Beautmont Royal Oak and seek if they can send you a list of docs. or check there web page I think it is

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  • Dona
    started a topic Looking for new dr in Ann Arbor, MI area

    Looking for new dr in Ann Arbor, MI area


    I am looking for a dr in or around the Ann Arbor, Mi area. Anyone know of a good one?? I have been seeing a urologist for the past yr and thought he was good, but now I feel like I'm not getting anywhere. I still feel the same as I did a yr ago. So I'd be looking for a second opinion. Thanks! Dona