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Evansville or the tristate area? anyone?

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    I also see Janet Lang! She is great, but I don't have a Uro - I see Dr. Dalton for my gyno and he is who diagnosed me. I have had a great 3 years with little difficulty until Feb. I thought I would lose that extra 20 lbs and really had not done my research on exercise and IC. Big no no... was lifting a little weights and doing the elyptical plus walking 2 miles a day. I really thought I was making myself healthy...until one day on the elyptical I felt a pain in my urethra and that was the beginning of a terrible pain cycle that I can't seem to get over. That is what has prompted me to finially join the Network and seek out other who understand. I know I will get to feeling better, but it's just hard when friends and family say "aren't you better yet????!!"
    I already feel better just knowing that there are other here in this area who do understand. Thanks ladies for responding.