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    Hey everyone. I know of two people in my area that have IC. A friend I met through another friend and my Grandma. I'm just wondering if there are any others? I've been thinking of starting up a support group but I don't know of any other people and my grandma lives an hour away. I also go to a doctor that is an hour away because none of the doctors in Duluth seem to know what they're talking about. My general doctor here is actually really good and seems to actually know of the disease so that's a blessing.

    hope to hear from you!


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    Hello kat- I am Katrina-- pretty sure I have I.C. and am about to kill myself from the pain and frustration. Trying to find a doctor and support. I live in Superior. I have been seeking a diagnosis for 3 1/2 months , been through 3 ER's 8 doctors and just recently suspected I.C. from searching the internet. I have all the symptoms but I need a doctor who knows about it. Who is your doctor? I really need help. The pain is so bad.