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Urologist in Orlando, Florida area

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  • Urologist in Orlando, Florida area

    I am looking for a Urologist in the Orlando, Florida area.....Is there anyone that lives in central Fl that has a Uro that KNOWS about IC??
    Any help would be helpfull. I tried finding the patient handbook for physicians...but have NO idea where to find this info.

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    Then~ You will have perfect peace~

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    To find a physician, go to the main IC Network page at --- you'll find the link there. I also encourage you to explore other areas of the site.

    Stay safe

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    I am not a medical authority nor do I offer medical advice. In all cases, I strongly encourage you to discuss your medical treatment with your personal medical care provider. Only they can, and should, give medical recommendations to you.

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      Orlando doctor


      Dr. Patel is located in Winter Park, FL and is pretty good. I live in Central Florida also and am trying to find any other icers for a possible support group. Let me know if you need any other information.


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        Cindy, have you personally been to this dr?? If he knowlegable about IC???
        Where in Fl do you live?? I'm in Eustis....near Mt. Dora.....let me know if your close enough for us to consider a support group!

        Thanks for responding
        Think on those things that are true, pure, just and honest
        Then~ You will have perfect peace~


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          Yes I have been and continue to go to this doctor. I live near Cocoa Beach, FL. I am very interested in meeting others with IC.


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            Cindy, how informed is this dr about IC?? What does he do for you as far as treatment???
            I had a Uro when I moved here to Fl a year ago..and he is the biggest jerk I have ever needless to say..I now have NO uro.and have had IC for 11 yrs now and disabled because of it. I have had 19 Hydro/cystos done...that is about all that works for me to brig my pain level to somewhat *tolerable*...I have had the DSMO and other instills, Elmiron and other meds...and I just can't tolerate any of it....I have severe reactions to everything
            I am not sure where Cocoa Beach is from you know???
            You can email me personally if you [email protected] we can chat if you want.
            Think on those things that are true, pure, just and honest
            Then~ You will have perfect peace~


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              hello pam

              e mail me. i have miised you.

              [email protected]


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                I saw Dr. Melcer , and he diagnosed me.


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                  In melbourne, FL

                  I went to Dr. **** but was really disappointed. After a hydro to sufficiently rediagnose my 7-year condition (he required before treating me) he said I had a mild case but he didn't recommend meds but rather we should look into implanting an interstim. I looked it up and thought this was outrageous -- he says I'm mild and in the same sentence wants to perform a surgery that's supposedly for the most severe cases who didn't respond to anything else. This was so unrealistic!

                  I felt really powerless, angry and confused; plus like I had wasted a lot of months! I cried the entire hour and a half back home. I didn't go back which left me back at square one.

                  Too bad because he seemed very knowledgeable.

                  Laura D.
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                  Laura D. in Florida

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                    My amazing urogyn just moved from Atlanta to Tampa. His name is Dr. Stuart Hart. He is very knowledgable about IC. He let me do bladder instills at home. He is still listed under the Georgia docs portion of the Physicians listings, but I do have his new contact info in Tampa if you would like it.


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                      I am seeing a new uro on monday..... will let you central fla folks know how it goes... he was recommended by a nurse friend of mine... crossing fingers.
                      It's about the journey, not the destination.


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                        Cindy, I thought you were going to try the woman uro in Orlando????
                        If you don't mind me asking..........who is the dr that was recommended to you??
                        I have had 3 bad experiences with uro's if it any one of them....I would stay away!


                        Think on those things that are true, pure, just and honest
                        Then~ You will have perfect peace~


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                          ref: Dr.


                          I was seeing Patel but stopped b/c he would not extend my trazodone given to me by a previous urologist. I am now seeing Dr. Dobkin in Orlando. When I first went the wait was not long. The last few times I have had appointments I have had to wait 30-1 hr past appt. time. He is good though. Utlimately I am hoping to find a good Dr. in Brevard. I also have an interstim implant so I have to find a urologist who also does that surgery and has medtronic representatives come out for lead adjustments.

                          Good luck!


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                            Good Luck

                            [SIZE="3"]Cindy, I wish you luck with whatever dr you have chosen!

                            Pam B
                            Think on those things that are true, pure, just and honest
                            Then~ You will have perfect peace~


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                              Where do you live? I live in Brevard County as well, Merritt Island to be exact.

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