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  • fellow memphians ?

    how many of us are using dr.wiygul? just wondering.

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    Hi, I do not live in Memphis I actually live about 200 miles away (between Fayett****le and Winchester) but I am seeing Dr Wiygul. She is the best. She has me doing PT and I am taking ativan also and my frequency is down about 50%. Instead of peeing 45 times a day it is in the mid and early 20s which is great for me. I was going every 20 minutes alot of the time. I just hope this isn't a fluke and I will go back to the way I was. Dr Ragi is the 8th uro I have seen but she seems to know more about this diseease than any of the others. I just love her! Carole Williams


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      who are you using for pt. i used beth at baptist east this is who dr.wiygul recommends. i did have alot of pain at first with the pt. this lasted about a month dr.wiygul said this was to be expected. please stick with the pt it does work but takes time for everything to click.
      she really is a wonderful uro,and so well educated.
      she even recommended a new gyn at methodist east that specializes in natural hormones. i will see this gyn in june.


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        I am using Nesin Therapy in Madisoin, AL just outside Huntsville. They were the only ones I could find in this area who did the pelvic flooor therapy and I am their first IC patient. They are two sisters and they are really interested in my case because they have never treated IC before. I have been having heaDACHES, STOMACH TROUBLES AND JUST A GENERAL BLAH FEELING AND WOULDN'T you know the Dr thinks it may be the ativan. Dr Wiygul said it was probably the combination of the PT and the ativan that was making me bettter. I soooo hope I don't have to stop taking the ativan but I can't stand feelingt his way. I was taking 3 a DAY SO i HAVE CUT DOWN TO 2 AND i DON'T FEEL QUITE AS BAD TODAY. Dr. Wiygul seems to think these therapists are approaching it in the right way so I will stick with them especially since I am doing better. Carole


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          I am not from Memphis but I use Dr. Wigal
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            Hello, fellow Memphians and and all who live in the sorrounding area.

            Did any of you see Dr. Wiygul on "Good Morning Memphis" Fox Channel 13 this morning? She was interviewed on the "Ask the Doctor" segment. They only covered incontinence, though. I dropped the ball and did not call in. She was very informative. Ron Meroney (the male host) is a friend of ours. I will ask him if they can have her on again for a follow up. Can't promise anything but, I will ask.


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