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Hope all survived the tornadoes

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  • Hope all survived the tornadoes

    My part of Tn got hit hard and 11 lifes were took.
    Lots of people injurted and homeless.
    Prayers are needed as they rebuild also two friends mothers had a stroke and are doing well during all this.
    They appericate prayes also.
    Judy Is one of the stroke victims and her Daughter Teresa is a nurse where I work and the other mother I don't know her name but the daughter name is Sonja The daughter and mother have both survived cancer it ishard on them [please praY
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    I don't watch the news anymore because I can't stand any more depression in my life but I did catch a bit about the storms today and what those poor people are going thru. I'm sittin' here, pi$$in' and moanin', but at least I've got a chair to be sitting in......

    My heart goes out to those people. I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like~

    Hopefully our country will be quick to get in there and give them all the help they so desperately need~
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      I try not to watch too much news either. I am praying for all the people down south and for you Katherine and will be praying for you and your friends. Prayers do work. It is so hard to see what these storms do to other parts of the states. Just rip my heart out. Hang in there. There is hope.
      Hang in there , There is hope.
      There is hope. Prayer works.

      Love, Debbie


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        Hey Katherine. Hope you are well. It's quiet this side of TN now but earlier it was rockin' and rollin'. Is it ok where you are today? Just tornadoes on each side of us. That's the only bad thing about spring.
        Take care,
        Tons of support,

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          Good morning, everyone...

          Major storms in the Memphis area again last night. We even had a tornado warning around 11:00pm which ment we had to crawl out of bed and get into the closet under the stairs. Thank tornado this way but, there was a funnel cloud spotted in the area known as East Memphis. We have friends who live in that part of town. They told us this morning that they heard it go by while they were in their under the stairs bathroom but, no damage...Praise God!!!! One of the local rural towns actually got over 7 inches of rain out of it. YUCK...this has been one heck of a Spring eek ...Sharon

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