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    Hi, my name is Anmi and I just recently moved to Savannah, GA. I was diagnosed with IC and endometriosis, both the resulting complications of immune system problems, in August. I'm hoping to find some people in the Savannah area with IC, especially people around my age who are dealing with the impact IC has at a time in your life when you're supposed to have all this energy and be able to do anything but find that IC is a huge roadblock to the choices most young people get to make without having to consider disability. I know there is a support group here, but they only meet four times a year so the next meeting isn't until March. If there's anybody out there, please e-mail me at [email protected]

    I am 22 and I find myself grappling with so many countless life complications surrounding my IC. I am trying to graduate college, but find my professors to be largely callous and dismissive about my condition. I have lost most of my friends who don't seem to understand how horrific and crippling this disease can be. Mostly they just stopped calling, originally explaining that they just 'didn't know what to say'. Even my family doesn't seem to understand, they feel bad for me butthey just don't know how to handle it even though I've been sick with immune problems for the last five years. I want to start working so badly but I'm scared of having to explain why I'm in the bathroom every twenty minutes. I dread it. My only saving grace is my boyfriend Jason who is a total rock. We're trying to get engaged, but I'm just not healthy enough to plan a wedding let alone attend it. He is absolutley amazing, he takes care of the house and our two dogs when I can't. I'm having a pretty bad flare up right now and having a lot of difficulty sleeping. I cry every now and then, like last night at 2 am when I was exhausted but couldn't sleep. It's not very easy to sleep when you have to go to the bathroom, is it? Even though he works, he stays up with me, and tells me that we can always talk, we can spend all day talking about it if i want. For being so young, and frankly also being a boy, he is just so caring and supportive. But it's so hard to love somebody that much and then have it hurt so badly when he holds me or touches me.

    This has gotten a bit long, but basically I just want someone who is going through the same thing to hang out with. I miss having friends, I used to have so many, and it would be great to have a shopping buddy who needs as many bathroom breaks as I do. [img]smile.gif[/img]

    Thanks for listening,