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anyone near Memphis,TN

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    The uro who I went running to one year ago this month when I first came down with IC symptoms was Dr. Ricky Smith in Cordova. I went to him several times plus he did the hydro with DMSO. I have not had to see a uro since. I really liked him because he was blunt and told me like it is. I do not respond well to "candy coating" the truth. My PCP is now treating me and so far, so good.


    Shopping??? Did someone mention shopping? I'll get my hat... ;-)

    Where I can be found most days.

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      Sharon A,

      I'm sorry my storage was used up when you tried to email me before. I'm trying to clean out my junk mail everyday so that doesn't happen again. Please try it again. It's great to hear from so many Tennesseans. Do you have or know of a doctor in Memphis who "specializes in I.C.". My doctor is good, but I think one who specialized in I.C. would be even more up to date on the latest treatment options, etc.


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        There is aDr Regula Wiygul in Germantown who is a specialist in IC. I have an appointment with her on Sept 24. When I called to get the appointment I could have gotten one sooner but I couldn't go until that week. I have heard wonderful things about her. Carole Williams You can email me at [email protected] I have her address and phone #


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          I am trying to find a good doctor ANYWHERE in TN.. I heard of a doctor Brookhof or maybe Brookhoof. He is in memphis, anyway I heard that he specializes in IC has anyone heard of him or even went to see him? I would like to know before I make an appointment.. Thanks!


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            Nevermind! I looked him up on the internet and saw some of the lectures he gave, he seems like a wonderful person. I would still like to know if anyone has seen him?