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where are the florida support groups?

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  • where are the florida support groups?

    I know Kathi told me there was a support group in her area, and I forget where that is. I have had IC for 3 years, attempted to go to 1 support group meeting in Orlando, which is 1 1/2 hrs. away, and it was cancelled when I showed up. Obviously, they no longer have one. Please let me know where they are, and when they meet. I know I will have to drive a ways to attend them, but I am really wanting to meet and share stories with others.


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    I'm not sure where any support groups are on your side of Fla. I hope someone from your area will come up with one not too far away. Hugs, Kathi grouphug
    One Day At A Time


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      Hi there, did you check here:
      I was given that link recently. I am moving to Fruitland Park which is (i think) 45 minutes from Orlando. I tried the first support group link on that page though & still have not had a reply to my email. The contact person must have been very busy. That was for Gainesville. I'm not sure where that is. I'm just fishing in the dark too. There are several others though. None of them looked close to me either... Good luck, hopefully we will both find groups.


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        Hi Dawn, thanks. Gainesville is about 1 112 hours from orlando. It is where the University of Florida is. I actually used to live there before I got this dreadful disease and moved back home. My lil sis lives there now so it wouldn't be too bad if there is one there. Contact me when you move here. I actually travel to Orlando every other week to stay with my boyfriend. Maybe we could get together one time when you are settled in and up to it.