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  • support group in Jacksonville, Fl

    Does anyone know of a support group for the Jax area? Or does anyone in the area want to start a group? I am not sure how that is done, but I could sure use some support.
    Thanks, Tina C. grouphug angel

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    Hi Tina! I think there may be a support group somewhere up there, not sure if it's in your area. I'm sure there are other ICers up your way. I hope you get/find a group. Kathi grouphug
    One Day At A Time


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      I'm from Gainesville. My twin has IC and is looking for some type of support too. Let me know if you find out anything. Thanks.

      You can email me at [email protected] and her at [email protected]


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        Do you mean florida or ga? I live in valdosta, ga. So not to far. I don't know of any support but please let me know if you hear of one!!!!

        Jenny Roffe


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          Hi....I am in Jacksonville, FLORIDA....and have not found anyone in the area for a support goup...Tina C. eek


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            I was just looking for a support group myself, I live just across the FL/GA border in Camden county. There actually is a support group, that meets quarterly at Memorial Hospital on University Blvd. grouphug

            NEW! (02/03) The Greater Gainesville IC Support Network
            Group Leader: Geneva Ziller E-mail: [email protected]
            Phone: (352)378-7439
            Geneva is in the process of beginning her support group and is currently assessing interest. If you're in the Gainesville area, please give her a call!

            NEW! (01/ 03) The Support Group of Northern Florida
            Group Contact: Patricia Jones
            Phone: (904) 645-3277 E-mail: [email protected]
            All Meetings held quarterly at Memorial Hospital on University Blvd. at 7:00PM. First Meeting Jan 23, 2003 with consecutive meeting dates of April 24, 2003 - July 24, 2003 - October 23, 2003. Please contact to confirm dates and times.

            Hope that this helps you. It is so far for me, and of course, I found this right after they had their most recent meeting....
            It is amazingly empowering to have the support of a strong, motivated and inspirational group of people. --"Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway", Susan Jeffers Dx Endometriosis 12/97 Removed and recurring several times until hysterectomy; Dx IC 12/00; Dx PFD 12/02; Dx Vulvodynia 12/02; Interstim 3/28/05; LAVH/BSO 9/12/05


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              Hi ,
              Thanks for the information but the phone number you gave me was disconnected.....I did try to email and have not gotten a response yet. Thanks...Tina hi


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                Hello again fellow North eastern Floridians,
                I found out about the support group in the Jacksonville, Fl area.....
                631-4429 by Patricia Jones at Memorial Hospital on University Blvd. I spoke to her last night and she seems wonderful. They meet quaterly and sometimes more. They are trying to get together with a nutritionist/dietitian to get a discussion going regarding this aspect of IC...the email address is [email protected]
                I hope this helps...I think this is the same group mentioned above...I am not sure..Tina C.