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  • Any Dr's in Nashville, TN


    I am moving to Nashville at the end of February and would like to know if anyone knows of any good Dr's familiar with IC.

    Thanks hi

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    Hi there. Well welcome to TN!? wink
    I'm about 3 hours from there. But I know there are a few girls on here that talk about the same uro they see. Maybe one will pop up and answer your question...for I forgot the name they use. eek Does old age start at 26?
    Take care,
    Tons of support,

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      hi Hello, Laina...

      I, like Jaime do not live in Nashville but, I wanted to wish you a big WELCOME to Tennessee. I am in the Memphis area and there are a few doctors here who are well informed about IC. If your search brings you here, I would be glad to give you the name of one, especially. Just PM me and I will give you her name and phone #...Sharon

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        hi and welcome to tennessee

        i live in the nashville area and i go to vanderbilt i see a great doc at the vanderbilt urology clinic who knows alot about IC his name is dr democoski (sP) (dem-o cow ski) thats better lol .. i have been seeing him for over a year and he is great.. and listens and isnt afraid of doing anything for you... if you need the number let me know



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          Hi I hope by now that you found you a great Dr. in Good old Tennessee. I have two very good Doctors but they are in Jackson and Memphis Tenneessee.
          If you can't find one and worse comes to worse.
          Katherine angel
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            I used to have IC in I have it in Austin

            I know ALOT of the docs in Nashville- I used to be a sales rep & call on them with my drugs.
            As a patient, however, I can only tell you about who I've seen.
            My primary care doc: Dr. John Shaw (internal medicine) at Centennial Med. Ctr (2400 Patterson St.) in a group practice called : sterling primary care.... you have to wait a bit in the waiting room which I'm sure you're probaly familiar with, but as far as him wanting to do anything he can to help you- now there's a compassionate doctor! He was with me through the diagnosis and helped me troubleshoot. I can't brag on him enough.

            The URO I liked best was Dr. Roger Dmochowski, Vanderbilt. I had my cystoscopy within a week of asking for it (not sure if I should be telling that but I begged for it) and he called that day at my house to tell me my results and promised me he would do his best to help get me back to how I felt before IC. I have had to move away from Tennessee but let me tell you, he is a friendly & compassionate dr. as well- I would send anyone I knew to him. Give him a chance!!!!!! Just so you know, he does his procedures at a surgery center in Cool Springs- very private & nice facility.
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              I see Dr. Johnso in Nashville. He has two offices. One at Baptist hospital and the other at St. Thomas. The name of the group is Associated Urologist. I believe he is excellent and there are several other doctors in the practice also. I became his patient in 1998.

              Welcome to Tennessee


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                I lived in Nashville for 18 years and Had Dr. Phil Porch Jr. and Tom Nesbitt JR. They are With Urology Associates. Dr. Porch has a Son that is real good and he is Near Baptist Hospital. But the Urology associates are all over Nashville.

                Hope this Helps.



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                  I live in Alabama, but not much help here. I'm going to see Dr. Roger Dmochowski in Nashville November 10 for the first time. I had heard that he was good. I hope he can help me. Rebecca, does he seem to know alot about ic. I'm due a cysto and I want someone with some knowledge to do it. I'm going to the cool Springs clinic, which is probably about 2 and half hours from here. Is that close to the Cool Springs Mall?


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                    Yes it is ! Cool Springs is a Very Busy Place. Be sure you get Good Directions Okay. I saw that Dr. Roger D. One time. But My doctors sent me back to my main DR. at Duke Hospital in Durham NC.

                    Let us know How things go Okay