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    Anyone know a urologist familiar with treating IC in the Tampa Florida area?

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    I was seen by Raul Ordorica at the USF Harbourside Medical Tower about 1 year ago. He was not my Urologist because I live about 2 hours from Tampa, but he was extremely compassionate about IC and seemed like a wonderful Dr. He put in my Interstim trial implant and called almost every other day to see how I was feeling. I still have his office # if you want to try and see if he is still at that office and taking patients.



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      Thanks for the info. I think he is on my insurance plan. I will need to call the office. I am seeing another urologist and if I don't get anywhere with him I will call this MD. He has so far just tried me on anti-cholingerics and anti-spasmotics. I know he is starting out with the most benign drugs but none of them are improving my frequency. Thank goodness I am not as frequent as some on this site. Still interupts my life. I want to try the newest drugs. Thanks again. Jeanie


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        Hi Jeanie,
        Did you read my post about the Palm Harbor Support Group meeting? It's this Tuesday nite at 7:00pm. I have a number of people from Tampa come to this meeting. I also have an Infectious Disease doc speaking at the meeting. If you are interested in coming... email me at [email protected]
        Well wishes,


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          Thanks Jackie but I have to work late this Tuesday. I will look for your next meeting.