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  • Anyone from Alabama

    Recently, I have been diagnosed with IC, but I have noticed there are no support groups around.
    Email me...I could use a Pal.

    Dedra - from AL

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    Hi Dedra,

    Hey, I live in Auburn and would love to be an IC pal. I sent you a pm.

    Take care, hope to get an email back.

    Best Wishes Silverfox


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      I live in the Huntsville area and have IC. Nice to know there are some others in the state.


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        hi Glad to know some people are on the board from ALABAMA . I live in Enterprise Al. Have you heard of Enterprise? HOPE TO TALK TO YOU ALL SOON.YOU CAN E-MAIL ME IF YOU LIKE:
        [email protected]
        angel take care,love Brenda angel
        OBEY ACTS 2:38
        Remember you are not alone in your pain:Ask Jesus to hold your hand...HE WILL!!!!!!


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          Hello Dedra,

          Thanks for the e-mail. I will send you a pm.

          Your Alabama pal Silverfox hi


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            AL gal searching for relief

            Hi all,

            Some of you have not heard from me for awhile. That has been because I had surgery on Feb. 27 (laproscopy). The doctors found that I definitely had IC, endometriosis, and pelvic congestion. It has been loads of fun. NOT! During surgery, the dr. did a hydrodistention which helped in the bathroom area some. I only go every two hours now intead every 15 - 20 minutes.

            I currently have a bladder infection that will not go away and the antibiotics I am on have created a yeast infection in my throat and mouth. What a ride.

            I really hate not feeling well and my work doesn't understand why I am out on occasion even though I have my proper paperwork filled out to protect me.

            Continue to pray for me. I go in tomorrow to have my first bladder instillation and to talk to my dr.

            Please give me support. I really need it. I feel alone.


            Dedra (a.k.a. - chips)


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              Hello Dedra
              I am from Florida not Alabama but when i read you rpost I had to reply. I think that maybe we all feel alone. My mother who has a kidney disease called Neuphrites (sp) has lived with pain and fatigue her whole life (she became ill as a child and had to stay out of school for a whole year) she told me that really she thinks that no one really cares about your suffering except maybe for your family (mom, dad, maybe a sibling). I agree with her, it is hard for others to care and many times they do not want to. Pain is an isolating thing but here in this message board the people do care because they know the pain the fatigue the isolation and despair. So eventhough you feel alone, you are not and even if your family is not understanding (my husband is a buthead, he does not care at all) everyone here is. So email me anytime, or private message or what ever. I hope you feel better soon, good luck and fast recovery.

              From Florida


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                Hi I'm From Clanton Alabama, I Have Ic Dig. For Almost A Year Now Been Sick For 10 Years. I Am Having Interstim Placement Wednesday Th 13th Of September I Need All Prayers Please.


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                  Hey, I live in Jacksonville, AL. Home of Jacksonville State University. I would love an email pal and anyone can email me @ [email protected].


                  I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.
                  Thomas Edison


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                    Add me to the list of Alabama ICers. I'm in Montgomery. Would love to hear from any or all of you anytime. It's nice to know there are others with IC in Alabama. For a while I thought I was one among very few! Will be praying for each of you. Blessings to you and yours.

                    Surviving And Thriving By God's Grace


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                      Hey, I live in Albertville, AL. It is so good to see all of you on this board!
                      I hope you are all doing well with your IC. I do agree with the pain isolation topic.
                      I have a wonderful family support system. But I also choose to suffer in silence most
                      of the time. Most of my co-workers do not understand how I feel and really don't
                      appear to try. I just wish they would. I know that we all feel alone soooo much.
                      I am so glad I can talk to you guys!


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                        Hi again

                        Welcome all...glad to have fellow Alabamians aboard and other supporters. IC has hit me hard since my chicken pox earlier in the year. It is just hard to maintain. I try to stay focused and positive. God has delivered me from so much and I am blessed to be walking, talking, and breathing. I know God has plans for me...and this is not going to rule my outlook on life.

                        I am at a stand still with my IC because the instillations have not been working. My dr. will not suggest anything else. There are not that many dr.'s near me that work with IC patients. I am trying to hang in there. It is hard at times.

                        That is it for now. Feel free to drop me a line.

                        [email protected]


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                          Hello! I am not from AL but I live maybe 5 minutes from the border in north GA!
                          ~ Brandy ~

                          ~A laugh is a smile that bursts.~


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                            Hi Brandi,

                            Glad you are here. We IC-ers need to stick together. I feel ok today. A little tired but not hurting as much.

                            You do not live too far away. Of course, I do not travel a whole lot due to my IC.

                            What are your hobbies?



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                              Hey everyone, I live just NW of Huntsville in Ardmore. It's nice to know I'm not the only one here.