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  • Anyone in Alabama

    I live in a small town called Roanoke, it's close to Auburn. I would love to chat with anyone in this area or in Alabama for that matter. I was diagnosed with IC 5 years ago and it has been a struggle ever since. I have 2 children, a son who is 4 and a daughter who is 2. I can tell you that the only time I have been in remission is when I was pregnant with my children. I do not know if the pressure of carrying 2 10 pound 4 ounce children helped or harmed, because I have suffered ever since. I have tried Elmiron (made me sick in other ways, I have had 2 instillations (helped for a month) I have been on Elavil (could not function) I presently take Cystospaz and it helps unless I am in a really bad flare. I can sometimes take antihistamines, but right now I am trying a strict diet and just trying to fake it with my family because they tend to get frustrated at me, telling me to get tough and get on with my life. So I could really use somebody to talk to, even someone in Georgia, I am not 25 miles from the LaGrange, Georgia line.

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    Hi Autumn2,
    I am from Alabama but I am living in Sandiego right now.Hope to make a trip home soon though.My children go to their dads every summer there.
    I am from trussville right outside bham.
    I have to children 4 and 7 .I know how hard it is with 2 little ones.
    I couldnt function on elavil either .
    I am doing the dmso treatments now and just started taking atarax.The first few days of the atarax was like the elavil but it seems to be getting better.
    I would be glad to keep intouch with you.I miss Alabama so much it is so different here.
    To many people lol
    You can email me anytime go to the top of the boards and click on icnkim and it will go to my email.
    Hope to talk to you soon,
    "United We Stand,Divided We Fall"

    One hundred years from now,It will not matter what kind of car I drove,What kind of house I lived in,How much was in my bank account,Nor what my clothes looked like.
    But the world may be a little bit better because I was important in the life of a child.


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      Hi Member 2516, I got your message and could not get my email to go through, I tried several times and it would not work. Please go to my profile for my eamil address so we can chat more.[QUOTE]


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        Hi there Im the next state over... Fla. Wanted to comment on that 10 lb. baby. I had an 11 lb baby and always wondered the same thing, but hes 24 now and symptoms came on me at 41. Im only 5 feet tall and weighed 191 the day I had him , so there might be something to that. Cant send him back now!!!!Sandy


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          hey I am sorry it didnt work you can email me at [email protected] that should go through .
          I would like to hear from you.