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Anyone in Kennesaw or Atlanta?

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  • Anyone in Kennesaw or Atlanta?

    Hi everyone. I have just been dianosed with IC and i know none who has this. I have talked to a couple people on these boards but i'd like to find people in my area. The only support group i found in my area is an hour away and run by a doctor I don't particularly like. Does anyone know of other support groups in this area?
    Thanks so much for your help!
    Asterflwr :p

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    Hi there!

    I'm in Atlanta but do not know of any IC support groups. Would be nice if there was one in town, though.

    Welcome to the boards!

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      Hi, I live in Roswell/East Cobb and don't know of any support groups around this area. I teach school and will have time this summer to do some checking with Northside and St. Joe's to see if they have any groups for IC. We certainly need all of the help we can get. It would be a relief to sit down and talk with a group of people that can truly understand the frustrations,pain and concerns.Maybe even Kennesaw Hospital might know of a support group. Seems like one is north of here down 75,close to Dalton . Not sure, but will keep you posted with any new info. Hang in there. Jodee


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        Hi and welcome,

        I live in Sandy Springs and my uro is near Northside hospital. I don't know of any local support groups either. There is one in Cartersville (there's a big urology clinic there) and I have heard of Atlanta folks going there sometimes.

        It would be nice to have a group here in town.



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          I live in Thomaston and my Uroloigst is in Atlanta. If you ever need a really understanding sweetie of a Dr. then Thomas Schoborg across from Atlanta Medical Center is the man and he goes to every meeting and every conference he can that is IC related. Hes doing wonders researching this illness.