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Memphians! Please help me with an article!

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  • Memphians! Please help me with an article!

    I am doing an article on IC for my feature writing class. (They tell you to write about what you know!)

    My doctor, Ragi Wiygul, is going to be quoted and we are going to try to pitch it to the CA or the Flyer and maybe Health and Fitness. My prof is a pro who has pitched stories for us.

    I need at least two Memphians who are willing to tell me about the long road to diagnosis. Just send me a PM or post here if that is ok.

    I would like to use this opportunity to spread the word about how hard it is to diagnose this disease.

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    I live in the Memphis area but I do not think I will be of any help to you. I had my first symptom August 3, 2001. I was dx on August 23, 2001. I would be glad to help if you feel I would be a good candidate. I am looking forward to seeing the article in the CA. Post and let us know when it will be published.

    Good luck...Sharon

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      I am not from Memphis but I have Dr. wiygul as a doctor.
      If you need my help.
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        I think it's great you are writing an article about i.c. It seems that no-one in my circle of acquaintances or friends has ever heard of it and it is hardly ever mentioned on TV, radio or any other media. I live in Cordova in Memphis. My road to diagnosis was not that long, but I have had the disease since 1996, the first symptoms having developed about two months following bladder suspension surgery in Nov. of 1996. I was 57 at that time. At about two to three months after the first symptoms started, I happened to see the words "interstitial cystitis" on my pay slip when I checked out at my urologist's office following an office visit. I think that it was just a working diagnosis to him at that point because following so close after surgery there were questions as to whether it was i.c. or something else. After seeing that diagnosis I bought a book about cystitis which contained a section on i.c. and began to try the diet and some other self help suggestions. Later I had DMSO treatments and got remission for about 3-1/2 yeards. Then the i.c. started up again about a year ago, and this time it hasn't responded to DMSO or hydrodistention. Sorry to be so long in my story. If you think I can help please contact me and let me know how the article is coming along in any case, if you would. I have an appointment with Dr. Wiygul next week. My regular urologist is referring me to her to be referred on to the Pain Clinic, where I believe Dr. Brookoff is head. I like my urologist and feel he has treated me appropriately but would just like to hear what Dr. Wiygul might offer, just because I am desperate and would like to see if anyone can offer anything further or look at things from a different angle possibly. Please e-mail me at [email protected]. Thanks,


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          I would love info from both of you! I still remember the first night of unrelenting pain. I am hoping to focus on the horrible symptoms and what to do to get a diagnosis.

          My email is [email protected]

          If it gets published, I will send you a copy to see if you are ok with the way you are presented. I want us all to look strong in this.

          Thanks! <img src="graemlins/blink.gif" border="0" alt="[blink]" />
          You're gonna stick that WHERE?!- Alexis says everytime she goes to the UroGyn

          Used to be aluttrll but cannot login


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            hi i haven't been on the boards been really busy at our store. i did mail you and would be glad to help you out.
            i am not from memphis but my uro is dr.wiygul too.