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  • Anyone in Orlando?

    Hi Everyone,
    I am 25 and have been diagnosed with IC for about 4 years now. No one seems to have heard of it and most people are very unsympathetic to what they don't understand. I just found this website and it is such a relief to find out I am not alone.
    According to the post, there aren't currently any support groups in the orlando area?! However, I would love to know if there are any IC sufferers in my area anyway. Also, if anyone knows a good doctor in central florida. I have tried so many different treatments and nothing has worked. I tried elmiron and my hair started to fall out, so I had to stop.
    I'd appreciate any info or love to just have an understanding friend to talk to.

    Thanks :-) Jillian :-)

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    I'm on the west coast near Tampa. I'm sure you will get some answers from people near you. Welcome to the ICN. We're always here for you. Kathi grouphug
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