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    Greetings to all. I am in the south Atlanta area and am looking for others to talk to or email.Any takers?

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    Hi Sandy. I live in Thomaston Georgia and you're welcome to email me any time. I'm not an old vet at IC but i have had it over a year now blink My urologist is in Atlanta though. So if ya just want to chat or (like me) complain about IC toilet then we can certainly do that together.
    [email protected]


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      I will be having the interstim implant tomorrow so I may be out of commission for a while but I will definitely take you up on the email. I work at a private school for children with special needs and we actually have a student there from thomaston. Will talk to you soon.I was diagnosed a little over a year ago and they have tried everything. so they brought our the interstim. Tahnks for your reply Sandy N.


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        Pristine I forgot to give you my email [email protected] Sandy hi


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          Hey Sandy,
          I live in Roswell and work in the Atlanta area. So how did your interstim therapy go? Were you pleased with your uro? Please let me know how this whole process works for you because my uro has suggesed many times this option.I have heard so many different takes on this approach,,,,,,sure hope it's + for you.Also, do you know if we have any kind of support group around here? Other regional posts have indicated not so but we sure could use some sharing and guidance. Take care. Jodee


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            Hello! Just wanted to let yall know I live in south ga in valdosta but if yall ever want to chat we can. And also there isn't a uro that knows anything about ic down here so if you can offer any suggestions please let me know. My email is [email protected] thanks. grouphug
            Jenny Roffe