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  • Sarojini
    Well, first I am glad you found a doctor you think you may be able to work with

    Second, I am so sorry you have had to work so much. I certainly know how hard it is to do that with IC!!! Been there, done that. I hope you do take the day off if possible!

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  • JanL
    started a topic Saw Dr. Ling in Memphis

    Saw Dr. Ling in Memphis

    Hi Memphis group,
    I saw Dr. Ling yesterday. Tracey, I hope you see this. I don't know how to pm you or I would--I know computer ignorance. Anyhow, I liked him. He is definitely not Dr. Wiygul, but I think I will adjust. He took one look at my list of medicines and said "whoa, if I keep this up, I will have two pages of meds by the time I am 60." Anyway, he seemed to know what he was doing and I think may have some different ways to treat my IC. He mentioned the possibility of Fibromyalgia (?sp) and vuvla vestibulitis (?sp). least he seemed to know about dealing with IC which is more than the previous doctor did. We will see how it goes. The bad part is that I was already at a 6-7 level of pain before the appt. and I was at about 11 by the time I left the office which was not helped by my store manager working us until midnight last night!! She knew I was in major pain and said I needed to get out as soon as possible after the store closed at 9:00 p.m. I am now trying to get this pain under control. My husband has already told me that I am not working tomorrow. He is not happy at her abusing me on this consistent of a basis. Sorry to vent so much. I am just trying to deal with an incredible amount of pain today. Thanks for the recommendation to Dr. Ling, Tracey.