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Who's the Best IC Dr. in the SE?

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  • Who's the Best IC Dr. in the SE?

    I asked something similar in another more specific state posting..... but I am wondering if there are any shout outs that people can recommend to me in regards to Uro, UroGyn, or Gyn that is an Interstitial Cystitis God-send.

    My husband and I are considering moving within the SE states, and part of our choice relies upon where the best Dr's for my condition are. [If not the best Dr., we at least need a good pool to choose from....our area is devoid of Uro's who even know what IC is!!!]

    Reading generic "Uro" recommendations on the internet don't tell me if the Doc treats IC. Nothing compares to YOU ladies speaking out on who ROCKS in with this condition.

    Please help me, and speak out if you love your Doc in the South East!!

    Thank you!!

    Dx'd IC : 9/2010 Dx'd PFD : 4/2012

    Currently on:
    *Back on Elmiron [100mg] + *Elmiron/Bicarb/Lido INSTILLS 2x weekly----*Nortrel Birth control--*MagOx400--*Nitrofurantoin (1 after intercourse to avoid UTI's)--*Prelief--*Prosed--*Clonizapem--*Flexeril 10mg--*Zyrtec
    *PT for IC&PFD - Both hands on/all-up-in-there approach, and the breathing techniques/stretching approach--- helpful, but difficult to continue at home and make time in daily life

    Didn't work:
    *Nexium ,*Sanctura , *Enablex ,*Atarax ,*Allegra,*Arginine
    *Elavil (2 pills and I passed out, cold on the floor....)
    *Hydrodistention - Done by the best Dr, but did not prove to relieve any pain over long term at all
    *Gabapentin (DANGER - Caused suicidal thoughts, inconsolable crying & erratic behavior when mixed with Clonazepam & Flexeril)

    Hair loss/thinning/breakage Elmiron 300mg daily caused to my hair.... it is NOT a slight side effect

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    i live in chattanooga and someone told me the best is in New Orleans - Dr. Susan McSherry. She comes suggested from icnetwork supoprt group. I am going to one in Cartersville GA that I found on that site too. good luck.