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  • Memphis, TN Doc?

    I have seen my uro for several years now, and all that my treatment, basically, consists of is every 6 months cystoscope w/DMSO. When I have a flare, all he treats me with is UTA or Pyridium. When I say that doesn't cover the pain, I get an "intense" look and a talk about him wanting to implant the stimulation machine. I can't take the UTA or the Pyridium, and I also can't implant the stim, because we are trying to get pregnant with IVF (in-vitro fertilization). I have to end up taking my migraine pain meds for bladder pain.

    Can anyone recommend a doc that understands what we go through in the Memphis area? Thank you!

    I am looking forward to meeting all of y'all!

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    Re: Memphis, TN Doc?

    DR FRANK LING! No question about it! And never do DMSO again! Feel free to call me personally 901-605-1005 -Lauren
    Diag 2006, federally disabled
    Keep telling others about IC! Education is the way to the cure! LAUREN in MEMPHIS